I can’t seem to find you, where are you located?

Grace Crystals & Academy is located in Campbelltown NSW. 

Our address in Unit F7 5-7 Hepher Rd, Campbelltown.

We are located in a factory unit complex so if you are having trouble finding us, please follow this video for more in depth instructions on how to visit our Crystal Shop and Academy.

When are your opening hours?

Grace Crystals & Academy is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays between 9am and 4pm.


I can’t make it to your shop, can I shop online?

Yes, our online store can be found on our shop website.

Grace Crystals & Academy offers internationally delivery as well as local pickup options and is operated 24/7.


I can’t find what I'm looking for online or in store, can I place custom orders?

Yes you can! Grace Crystals & Academy loves being able to source your perfect pieces for you. You’re welcome to send us an email at outlining what you’re looking for as well as a budget for this purchase.





I’m interested in spiritual education, what can I learn?

Our Academy offers a vast range of spiritual education from our Certified Crystal Courses to Psychic and Mediumship Certifications, and everything in between from Tarot and Numerology to Spiritual Leadership and Angel Numbers. For more information on the courses we offer, please visit the academy tab


I’m interstate, is learning available online?

The Academy offers many opportunities for distance learning. All of our courses are offered online.


I want to find an academy that aligns with my values, what is your mission?

The Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics is a place for Soul Searchers interested in developing their intuition and wanting to take steps to begin structured learning. We are here to awaken and support you along your spiritual educational journey. Unlike other spiritual courses, Rachel Grace is a qualified educator who also offers close-knit community like-minded souls to help support you through the development of your soul gifts.


I haven’t studied before, are there any prerequisites?

For many of our Academy courses there are no prerequisites to beginning your spiritual education journey. Our only courses that require a course as a prerequisite are the second levels of our Crystal Course and Psychic and Mediumship Certification course as the first must be completed before the second. But, you can begin the first course at any level.


I’ve found a course that I can’t wait to take part in, how to book?

All of our dates and booking details for all of our upcoming education and events through the Academy can be found on our Facebook Page under the events tab. If you don’t have access to Facebook, email us at and we will provide you with the information you’re looking for.

I’ve purchased online course; how do I access them?

To access your purchased course, make sure you are registered as a site member on our website. This can be completed under the login tab. If you are a new member, our team will be notified of your registration and will add you to the course and/or meditation you have purchased. Please note that this process could take a few days. Come back to the academy tab on our website and click access on the courses you purchased.





Besides wearing them, how can I use my Rachel Grace Sacred Scents?

Rachel Grace Sacred Scents are so versatile in their use, and that’s why we love them so much. Not only can they be used for perfume purposes or to anoint yourself during spiritual practices, but the Sacred Scent Oil Blend can be used in the bath, as hair oil, in diffusers and oil burners, as room sprays and in household cleaning to leave your home smelling magickal.


The woodwick in my candle is being temperamental, how do I care for my Rachel Grace Candles?

Due to the growth of the wood the wick is created from, our Candles may need to be relit sometimes. 

It’s very important to remove the charred wood from the previous burn before relighting them in order to have a clean burn. This is as the charred wood has already been burnt won’t stay lit long enough to fuel the flame causing it to extinguish itself. This can be done with a tissue and breaking off the excess black wood, or using a wick trimmer. Our Candles should not be lit for more than two hours at a time also. For future reference with the next candle you burn, it can also be helpful to keep the candle lit for long enough the first time they’re lit to allow the wax to melt across the entire candle to prevent tunneling of the wax. This isn’t essential, just an extra tip. 


I get reactions to fake jewellery, is Rachel Grace Jewellery sterling silver?

The Silver Rachel Grace Jewellery Collection is 925 sterling silver, so rest assured if you suffer from reactions to fake jewellery it won’t be the case with your Silver Rachel Grace Jewellery pieces. Our Gold pieces are Gold Plated on top of 295 sterling silver.




I have always wanted to get a reading; do you offer readings?

Yes, Grace Crystals & Academy offers readings. Our Readers are trained through the Academy and offer Psychic, Mediumship and Hybrid Readings both in person and via distance.


I don’t know what the difference is between a psychic, mediumship and hybrid reading?

Psychic Readings provide insight to your future, and predictions for the future. It allows you to gain insight into areas regarding your relationships, career, financial, travel and family life and receive guidance on any questions you may have regarding your life path.
Mediumship Readings provide a connection to loved ones who have passed on. It allows you to communicate with souls on the other side to gain closure, guidance and to share moments with those you love once again.

Hybrid readings are a combination of both reading types.


I’ve just moved houses and the energy feels off, do you offer house clearings?

Yes, Rachel Grace offers house clearings by appointment only. If you email with an outline of the feelings and experiences taking place in your home, we can then arrange a date for the house clearing to take place.


I’m looking for guidance, how do I book a reading?

Readings can be booked on our website here. You will then be required to choose a reader, secure a date, time and pay a deposit for your upcoming reading.


I don’t live locally, are distance readings available?

Yes, distance readings are available at Grace Crystals & Academy via Zoom. When booking in for your reading, add in the note section that you would like your reading to take place via Zoom and your Reader will arrange that for you.



I’m looking for like minded spiritual people to share my spiritual journey with and to learn along the way, where can I find these people?

Our Grace Crystals & Academy Community Group is the perfect place to interact with like minded spiritual souls. It is a safe place for spiritual minded people to express their experiences, ask questions, learn from each other and grow together. Rachel Grace provides free educational information in the group, and her Grace Crystals Team are also there to interact and help you through your journey.


I’ve come across the Grace Crystals & Academy Community Group, what are some of the benefits of joining?

There are many benefits of joining our Grace Crystals & Academy Community Group. Rachel Grace provides free education on all things spirituality and answers any questions our community may have about their spiritual journey. The Grace Crystals Team is also in the group to guide our community. Being in the Community group also gives you VIP access to new products and Academy Events before being launched publicly.


The GC Team will get back to you soon...