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Stress Management During Covid


COUGH COUGH COUGH… This is your Captain Speaking…

Ahhh the words that many of us are busting to hear! Lockdown and the opening of the boarders is not too far away and perhaps you have already planned your go to location as soon as borders are opened. I don’t know about you, but the need to be able to pack your bags and head off anywhere we desire has been on my mind for so long. The thought that we are nearly able to jet off excites me so I thought to myself that I needed to address the use of Crystals and Travel so you are armed and safe when its time to break free and explore the state, our country or internationally.

Crystals make wonderful traveling companions and I always have a tarot bag filled with my go to gems, tarot cards as well as sage sticks with me as you never know when you may be in a situation where they are needed. For me, I am not sure when it will be required to perform a healing on someone on my travels or I’ve seen an amazing location where I want to connect into the earth and do a little ritual. With a little bag full of tools, I am prepared at any time.

When you are setting off into a new location it is good to be mindful that you may feel a massive shift energetically that may affect your mood, your health or your interactions with others. As spiritual people and empaths we do feel a lot especially when we get off a plane and you are in a different country or even state here in Australia. The frequency of each location is different and they are also known to have many different minerals in the layers of earth for that specific location to aid in the healing requirements of the people that normally reside there.

So, before you do leave, think of your purpose for travel. Is it for business purposes? For family holidays? Visiting relatives? Each intention does require different stones to assist you on your adventure.

So here are my top traveling crystal picks!


It is important to always have a protection stone with you when traveling, my top pick would be Black Tourmaline! Black Tourmaline is the strongest protective mineral on the planet and can not only protect you, so please keep a little piece in your pocket and don’t forget your luggage! Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protector’s amulet that will assist in theft of items.


If you are traveling for business purposes you want to land with a clear mind and also the ability to adapt swiftly to any time changes. Crazy Lace agate and Fluorite are perfect for travellers as they encourage you to stay present in the moment – feeling safe, secure, and well. The swirling pattern of Crazy Lace and the Banding of Fluorite brings a circular flow of energy that stimulates the mind and body. Our nomadic ancestors in ancient times made healing and protective amulets from crazy lace agate. They found that it prevented accidents during travel and helped strengthen the body, orient the mind, and bring peaceful calm. Fluorite will keep you level headed and ready to take in all that you discover on your travels with quickly absorbing information. Citrine and Jade are also great crystals for Business travel for a successful trip.


You have planned a family holiday and perhaps you have all decided on one location and it’s been such a long time that you want to make sure that all goes well and everyone is not only safe, illness free but happy and joyful and ready to embrace the experience. For this purpose, I would suggest Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Aventurine, Petrified Wood, Carnelian, Jasper. All these crystals will unite the family, keep them safe and inject joy into the trip for a memorable experience.


For those that are setting off alone protection, health and safety are the most important especially around this time and dealing with the effects of covid. Please have Black Tourmaline everywhere and on you at all times. It is even a great idea in your hotel room to place 4 pieces in each corner to protect you while you are sleeping. For good health I would recommend, clear quartz, bloodstone and labradorite, and a must is moonstone for new beginnings.


Ok spiritual ones that use their practice whilst travelling it is such a good idea to have a little ritual pack so you are never caught out when on the road and you require to work your magick!

In your kit you will need the following;

Small selenite rod – to open and close containers

Black tourmaline – protection

Obsidian Palm Stone – cleanse your auric field

Clear Quartz – to amplify and also use as a transmitter piece to hold information of your findings.

White sage – to clear the space before ritual or energy work

Garnet – to ground your energy

Other must have stones;

Citrine, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Fuchsite, Amethyst, Malachite, Tigers Eye, Azurite, Apophyllite.


Aquamarine - in ancient lore seamen carried Aquamarine to promote safe travel and to protect themselves against drowning.

Sapphire – Nausea

Unakite – calming the digestive system


There are many in the Rachel Grace Sacred Scent range and this really comes down to personal choice but the must haves would be EVOLVE, SIGNATURE, CHILL and PROTECT. If you are doing energy work on the go make sure you have a bottle of HEALING with you too. When travelling keep these in your hand luggage, if possible, as in the main luggage area may cause your scents to explode, so please make sure you place them in a zip lock bag.

Whenever we travel with our precious gems it is important that they are being of service to you and others along your journey, so please make sure you take the time to thank your crystal allies for all the work they have done for you, cleanse them and prepare for your next adventure.

Bon Voyage,

Rachel Grace

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