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Stress Management During Covid

The past few years, for some, would have to be the toughest we have experienced in our lifetimes. We have all chosen to come into this world at this time and if you believe as I do that all is pre-planned then knowing that you decided to be here during a pandemic should give you some strength that you may not have thought of in this way before.

COVID – seems to be the dreaded word of our time but over the past few years I have really reflected on why we are so stressed out and the anxiety is rising due to this pandemic. Our ancestors experienced much worse than what we are experiencing now, some didn’t know where they would even find the basic needs of survival, food. Sitting with this automatically makes me count my COVID LOCKDOWN TIME blessings. Now I am not here saying that is all peachy for everyone, that is not the case. Many are triggered at the moment and projecting onto others due to the pure exhaustion of not knowing what this world will be like, what the new normal is. These feelings create more stress than we already face in such a demanding world.

I want to tell you that you will be ok,

we will all be ok. Living in this 3-dimensional world is tough, super tough alone without the effects of the pandemic but take yourself back to before COVID and sit with these questions;

What do you do in uncertain times?

How do you cope?

What do you do when you just don’t know what to do?

What do we do when everything we know is no longer?

I don’t intend to create more stress and anxiety with these questions but more of a reflection for you.

You know what you did? You coped. Whatever you were going through pre-COVID passed, this is just taking a little longer than what we would normally expect or that we may be used to.

I have a little saying,

“When this 3d world gets too much –go there, when the mystery gets too much - come back here”

What I mean by this is not a complete exit of this lifetime, but to understand that one of the most effective and useful ways to cope in any situation is to take yourself into another dimensional reality. For those that have not done any spiritual work before, let me explain this a little more.

When stress, worry and anxiety shadows over me I place myself into self-care mode. I smudge, bathe in salts, ground myself, do something nice for myself, take myself away from the drama of this life and place myself into meditation to connect with my spirit team to seek resolution on matters that are not in my control. When we hand the stresses of the world over to our guides and ask for their help, instantly there is relief instead of the mental spiral of strain that we seem to constantly put ourselves through. Now will this totally fix the matter at hand, sometimes, maybe not straight away and yes at times too, but I can guarantee you that you will become more centered, aligned and find an inner strength to continue your important role in this world.

Some of my clients love to journal with their supportive crystals at hand and these are great tools to use. Journal what is exactly the root cause of the stress you are facing, understand that it is ok with not being ok and if you feel you are falling then pace yourself, press pause and ask for help. If you have no one to turn to them please become a member of my Spiritual Community Facebook group. There you will find hundreds of supportive souls including myself ready to hold you.

Another way to cope during this time is to take yourself into nature. Now as many of us are in lockdown this can be quite difficult especially when we have km restrictions so heading to our favourite spots may be a challenge, but create it in your own backyard. All your need is a special little “you” area that you may wish to create as a sacred silent space filled with crystals, candles and a blanket. Sit there with your feet on the earth and allow the energy to fill and calm you.

Have you considered if how you are feeling at this time actually isn’t your feelings but you are picking up on the energy around you? This happens to all empaths and if you are suddenly filled with stress and anxiety then take yourself to your quiet space and ask if it is your or not. You will hear internally a yes or no. Trust your intuition with the response you receive. If you get a no then it is time to clear and protect your own energy, your peace, and this can be done with crystals, herbs and oils so grab them out and put them to use.

We will always experience challenging times in our lives and when it hits quick, they can cause us to be stopped in our tracks find filled with shock. If you find yourself taking a quick in breath then make sure you exhale and focus on the release also. Breathing techniques can help. Set your timer on your phone for one minute and focus in on your breath, breath in deeply

right down into your belly and imagine with your eyes closed every breath in is pure white peaceful light and the exhale cloudy negative stress releasing.

Put these suggestions into practice and you will begin the shift of the stress filled you to a life that is filled with calm, peace and centered. You are important to many; you are needed in this world and what is happening right now will pass.


Rachel Grace

Crystals for stress, anxiety, coping – Fluorite, Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline, Sodalite & Shungite

Sacred Scents and Candles – Chill, Surrender, Meditate, Healing

Rachel Grace has a range of meditations available. For stress and anxiety, we recommend the Energy Meditation, Meditation for Sleep, Om Shanti Meditation (peace), and the Spirit Guide Meditation

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If you have a specific question, you would like us to answer?

Please join our Spiritual Community Facebook Group.

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