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Have you cleared your home lately?

Do you know how to?

Do you feel that you need a boost of positivity as it’s been a little chaotic or negative?

Do you love crystals but have no idea where to place them in your home for maximum impact?

Have you wondered where is the best place to build an altar for money, relationships or abundance in your home?

Do you want some advice on steps you can take to shift the energy in your home?


It’s time to book in an Energetic Home Assessment with RACHEL GRACE


Rachel has extensive knowledge and has been performing house clearings and cleansing for years and has a passion for recalibrating the energy in peoples homes as well as moving on any spirits that are not required to reside there.


What you will receive?

➡️ Personal voice recording emailed from Rachel Grace of her full assessment and recommendations for your home.

➡️ Education on how to implement her recommendations.

➡️ Crystal and Feng Shui placement


Simply answer the questions sent to you on purchase regarding your home and Rachel will provide your assessment within two weeks.