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Rachel Grace Abundance Sacred Scent

Rachel Grace Abundance Sacred Scent




The ultimate prosperity blend, ABUNDANCE.


Create financial abundance to bring the manifested ideas into the physical world with ease with this very distinctive formula. The selected pure essential oils are very intentional and have been used for thousands of years to bring prosperity to many across all countries. This sacred scent has 5 main ingredients as 5 in the number of money, including notes of Vanilla and Chamomile.


For an added layer the ABUNDANCE Sacred Scent has been infused with a Citrine and Clear Quartz chip stone to amplify the abundant intentions.


All Sacred Scents have been uniquely blended with the purpose of scent association for your spiritual practice, education and for daily use as a perfume oil.


Use Sacred Scents in ceremony and ritual work to anoint your,

Third eye, for all you see

Wrists, for all you do &

Ankles, for where you go.


Note: This product is made with fragrance oils, natural essential and carrier oils. Cap colour, chip stone, and colour may vary slightly. For external use only.

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