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Rachel Grace Musk Sacred Scent

Rachel Grace Musk Sacred Scent




Make your presence known with this unique MUSK Sacred Scent.


Musk is a person with very potent spirituality, a God whose presence may actually be sensed by others - the power can be physically sensed or smelt! Musk is the scent of great love & can build confidence and strength.

It is also said to have meditative effects on us, thus reducing anxiety and emotions, inducing pleasant dreams and increasing inner strength. Musk is used to purify a sacred place to enhance the spiritual feel of the place. It is often used in increasing awareness of a particular chakra and is said to activate seven chakras of our spine when sniffed through inhaling scents. Musk is known to relieve body tension, clear mind and thus help you focus better and at peace.


For an added layer the MUSK Sacred Scent has been infused with a Carnelian chip stone to empower the wearer in their spiritual practice.


All Sacred Scents have been uniquely blended with the purpose of scent association for your spiritual practice, education and for daily use as a perfume oil.


Use Sacred Scents in ceremony and ritual work to anoint your,

Third eye, for all you see

Wrists, for all you do &

Ankles, for where you go.


Note: This product is made with fragrance oils, natural essential and carrier oils. Cap colour, chip stone, and colour may vary slightly. For external use only.