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Rachel Grace Signature Sacred Scent

Rachel Grace Signature Sacred Scent




Break free with SIGNATURE Sacred Scent.


This beautiful Signature Sacred Scent is like walking through a garden in full magical bloom at the peak of spring and feeling the warm sunshine. It is the new beginning, the doing in your intent and the essence of pure possibility. It is the internal fire within to keep your actions going with a twist of passion and inner child fun. It reminds you to bring back the true essence of who you are, who you were before you were told not to be. It is the child within wanting so much for your life, it is the wish, the smiles, the laughter, the hope and the passion.


Signature will take you to a place that is locked so deep in your memory that is waiting to break free from within. Stop and go within, embrace your own internal fire and remind yourself of the loving work you do on the physical plane in your spiritual practice and day to day life.


Signature is infused with a Garnet and Peacock Ore chip stone to bring through energies of healing work and purification.


All Sacred Scents have been uniquely blended with the purpose of scent association for your spiritual practice, education and for daily use as a perfume oil.


Use Sacred Scents in ceremony and ritual work to anoint your,

Third eye, for all you see

Wrists, for all you do &

Ankles, for where you go.


Note: This product is made with fragrance oils, natural essential and carrier oils. Cap colour, chip stone, and colour may vary slightly. For external use only.