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Rachel Grace Surrender Sacred Scent

Rachel Grace Surrender Sacred Scent




Are you ready to start your spiritual journey? SURRENDER to give you the courage you need.


A special blended with Lotus Flower, reminds us that we all are able to flourish when we may be surrounded in darkness. Beginning your spiritual journey can be a very exciting time but also a little frightening as you step deeper in the unknown. SURRENDER Sacred Scent is here to support, provide your courage and guide you through the necessary step of letting go and surrendering to the Spirit World.


For an added layer the SURRENDER Sacred Scent has been infused with a Garnet chip stone for emotional strength and courage.


All Sacred Scents have been uniquely blended with the purpose of scent association for your spiritual practice, education and for daily use as a perfume oil.


Use Sacred Scents in ceremony and ritual work to anoint your,

Third eye, for all you see

Wrists, for all you do &

Ankles, for where you go.


Note: This product is made with fragrance oils, natural essential and carrier oils. Cap colour, chip stone, and colour may vary slightly. For external use only.

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