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International Academy of Metaphysics

World-class spiritual development courses & crystal healing practitioner training for the lightworkers of tomorrow



Welcome to the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics, the world-class Academy for all your Spiritual Learning.

You are here because you want to make a difference in this world, answer the call, and to advance yourself spiritually and energetically. Have you been called to step up and into your soul's gifts? Then it is time to empower yourself with the knowledge to be on your way to become the healer and lightworker of the world.

It is time to light your own way armed with all the tools to unlock your unlimited potential.


Rachel Grace is a qualified Educator and has been learning and teaching metaphysics for 30 years. During her own development and after her near death experience she was called to step into her truth and share her knowledge with the world. Know that all the courses available to you are Internationally Accredited, certified and available for you to study through the largest spiritual Academy in Australia - The Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics!

"Education courses are jam packed with knowledge and the way Rachel teaches is so well organised that you will pick up the information and integrate it into your practice immediately!"

Kallie T



Internationally Accredited Courses! Take your education to the next level.
Held in person & online.


Lifestyle Learning. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.
Study online when it suits YOU.

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Accredited in
39 Countries


Ethical &
Authentic Teaching


On the go
Online Learning

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Would you love to work as a professional Medium, Psychic or Healer?

Do you dream about having the work life balance and flexibility to work online or in person offering others guidance and healing along their path?

Imagine being able to not only unlock the spiritual potential of yourself but also to be able to be of service to another in their own life.

Whether your goal is to begin your own Spiritual Business or to take this journey just for your own spiritual needs, I can promise you a life that is fulfilled, positive and empowered and I am here to guide you as you unlock your own transformational learning experience.

Who would you like to be a year from now?

Spiritual entrepreneur

Professional working Psychic

Professional working Medium

Crystal Healing practitioner

More abundant & spiritually fulfilled

More Aligned, at peace and connected to the universe

Get ready to experience a profound inner shift!


From the minute you think about enrolling in one of my courses the universe responds. You will be seeing signs as a gentle nudge to answer the call. So what do you do? Come back here and look over it again.

You see, my courses don't just give you the expert knowledge and skills required so you are immersed into a new path of energy healing and personal accelerated journeying, twenty-five percent of the experience comes from your guides and the universal energy there to support you also along your path with me as your teacher.


When you begin any of the courses you choose, know that you are now in a tight nit community of like-minded souls that are learning their way through their own energetic blocks, connections and stepping into their own authentic selves.

Lets take the leap together...



I'm Rachel Grace the proud founder of this Academy. Although I had been seeing spirit since I was three and working with my own connection I really didn't take it seriously, it was like playtime. I had many signs over the years to step into my true authentic self but didn't always listen to those BIG signs.

It wasn't until my near death experience in 2009 that I received the literal wake up call I needed to stop procrastinating and begin writing, begin teaching.

I began to manifest this life I have now, filled with so many people, just like you that become part of a loving learning community.

I had seen in my minds eye what I needed to do and to create and it wasn't a simple thing either.

Create an Academy Rachel, go back and share all your knowledge from now and your past lifetimes, help others with their connections with us and be there to hold there hand.

I did just that and here we are.

I wonder what will happen when you say yes?


Changing thousands of lives...


I found the academy just over a year ago after being very unwell. I have always had an interest in the metaphysical world and was drawn to the academy. I went along with a list of questions and dealt directly with Rachel. I was made to feel welcome and felt very supported not silly for my many questions. A year on I am now almost back to full health and have commenced my own spiritual journey with support from Rachel and all of her team members. I have a beautiful collection of crystals now and have completed several recognised certified courses to assist my learning. I feel I am a better person for all that I have learnt so far and am planning to learn in the future. I have also recommended the academy to many friends and colleagues who have also now began their own journey, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you all at the academy for you help, support and knowledge.

Thankyou Thankyou. Thankyou xxx

Janice P

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This modern world can be a challenging place right? I used to spend my days not living my own authentic truth and living like that was not fulfilling at all. It came with many road blocks along the way as I was not in the flow of my life. But I am here to tell you that life does not need to be as difficult as we think. Once we are in flow, and by that I mean living your inner true path and become aligned with your SOULs purpose then the rest seems to just align.


Since living my truth, stepping in and saying yes to even my own learning journey, I found I was well on the way to success and most of all personal growth and peace within. There was no more façade, no more secrets on what I could see, hear and know, it was me living my life.


There is endless opportunities available to us all and know that when you say yes and step into your truth under my Academy, you will be supported every step of the way. Love, Abundance, Success, Ease is YOUR BIRTH RITE!

Every course you take under my Academy is filled with content yes, but also a sprinkle of Magick! This magick comes from your spirit team also assisting you and extremely excited that you took the steps in becoming who you are, well you decided that before you came here remember.

So your Spiritual Evolution is here and its time to take action. 

Reach out if you have any questions or want to know where to begin.

My team and I are waiting to hear from you, or just enrol and get yourself started!

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