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Grace Crystals & Academy are so thrilled to be in Vanity Fair in 2023!


See Grace Crystals & Academy in Vanity Fair's Short List.



SEE US in the Wellness Fix CAMPAIGN for February, March & April 2023 in print & digital!

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Copy of C R Y S T A L S H E A L I N G S R E A D I N G S S P I R I T U A L E D U C A T I O


Want to learn all about ASTROLOGY? 

Do you want to understand more about each sign to incorporate into your moon phase spiritual practice? 

Over this two day virtual retreat you will dive deep into all the traits of 12 zodiac signs, learn how to read your chart, know the houses and also all the planets and their meanings 


Topics covered - natal charts, planets, elements, rising, moon and sun signs with each each sign in depth.

 Printed workbook will be available in a downloadable PDF
Private Facebook Group
Certificate of completion for Astrology Basics from Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics
Retreat recorded and available to view for 3 months

 Can’t join live? No problem, just catch the recordings when you can

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This is your chance to meet with other Luna-tics in sacred space while learning all about the New Moon and Full Moon. That's right we meet twice a month in person or online to learn, grow, release and manifest.

What an amazing way to fill your sacred cup!

A sacred container where you will experience a deeper connection to yourself. You will understand at each gathering through the learning of the Astrology of that particular moon phase, how to work with its energy, what crystals to support your intentions and releases as well as being in a sacred space where we meditate and journey to gain the greatest outcome for clearing work and intention setting.



VALUE $120

You receive it all for...

 $45 per month



Hey Students!

Well it’s time for our annual Academy Information Session where I will be taking you through all of the classes and courses including certified courses under the RACHEL GRACE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF METAPHYSICS 

If you are not sure what you will learn, where to begin or what will suit you going forward then make sure you log in via zoom and join me.



Are you ready to Manifest an ABUNDANCE of MONEY?

Did you know that the 5th of May is the perfect time to?

In this 90min Ritual you will learn how that money is an energy stream and exactly how to manifest it into your life for whatever you desire.

Join Rachel Grace for learning and locking into a ritual together.



Join your host Rachel Grace as she presents the experiences, joys and challenges as a child growing up with a sixth sense.

“Over the years especially in the later parts I’ve had a passion for helping parents of children with a gift, the gift to see beyond what others see. I have worked with many children and given them tools to use to make their life a little more normal when they are also connected the spiritual world”

Is this session for you?
Are you a parent that has a child that tells you things they possible couldn’t or shouldn’t know?
Did you have experiences as a child that you still cannot get your head around?
Does your child insist on having an imaginary friend?
Are you lost in what guidance to give your child when it comes to what they are hearing, seeing, sending?
Are you interested in the workings of the spiritual realm yourself?
Is your child explaining worldly events that boggle your mind?
Does your child often stare in the distance
Is your child constantly day dreaming?
Does your child have visitations from family that has passed?

If you can relate have then be assured your questions will be answered and you will leave this session armed with knowledge and tools to begin to implement with your child.

In this session Rachel will be discussing her own experiences growing up, answering any questions you have about your child and giving you information on how to handle it with exercises and tools to make your home life a little more “normal”.

So many children are being diagnosed with Autism, developmental delays, behavioural, disabilities and digestive issues.

Is this part of the awakening for our planet?

Let’s talk about it!

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