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You have either come across this page on purpose or by chance. I believe that there are no coincidences in life so perhaps you are here because you are in need of information, education, inspiration, guidance, a reading or general curiosity. I welcome you and invite you to take a look. Over the years I have been able to help many through readings, healings and education with all aspects of their lives, from guidance on different areas to reconnecting them to their loved ones that have passed to taking students through all levels of spiritual development. I really love working with not only you but with Spirit. I truly am grateful for this gift I have and love sharing it with you all. Getting that connection and communication with the Spirit world through both readings and teaching is sometimes all the closure we need and is also the proof that when we pass over our Soul never dies, Love never dies.

Grace Crystals & Academy offers not only the highest quality Metaphysical education at an affordable price but also a Crystal Shop filled with Rachel Grace Collections, Crystals and Metaphysical Products. I look forward to reconnecting you to your loved ones and I will see you in the CRYSTAL SHOP or the ACADEMY classroom.

In light & many blessings,



Rachel Grace is an International Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Psychic, Author, Educator, Healer and Podcaster. Using tools of the trade since she was 15, Rachel has always been drawn to the world of Metaphysics, concepts of time and space, and curious to what is unseen and considered to be un-explainable.

Along with her love for readings and healings, Rachel’s true passion lies in Spiritual Education. As the founder of the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics, an approved Training Provider with IICT, Rachel loves to guide and take her own knowledge, experiences and learnt information to educate through her structured certified courses and workshops. Ranging from Metaphysical Education, Crystals, Numerology and Tarot Courses to Advanced Psychic & Mediumship Certification, Rachel educates and holds space to allow you to develop your soul gifts to share with the world.

Rachel Grace has also published her own Numerology Cards, Numerology Book with other titles on the way through her publishing house Grace Publications, and is the owner of Grace Crystals & Academy, the largest spiritual academy in Australia and has developed her own product lines which are enjoyed by those around the world. Rachel is also the creator of The Spiritual PurSuit podcast which currently ranks in the top 20 for spirituality category worldwide.

Rachel Grace cannot wait to make connections with you all.




As you can see it is the Moon and the Sun joined as one full circle. Although so far away from each other they are always connected as their energies are similar. One brings us night and the other daylight. They go hand in hand as day to night, sadness to light, yin and yang and as the list goes on we cannot imagine one without the other so it is with each other.

We cannot survive on this earth plane without the love of others. We are love. We are touched by others souls daily and the interaction of those within our Soul Circle is the most divine experience of human interaction in this life. When one person from our soul circle exits this earth plane and returns home we are left with only memories and a pain in our hearts that reminds us of a great loss until we meet again. So like the Moon is connected to the Sun, we here on the earth plane are always connected to the Spirit world they just exist in a different dimension.

Our logo is a symbol of the faith and the knowing that all souls will be reunited. The interaction will become one again with no ending just like the circle.

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